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Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm going back... TOMORROW!

Sorry for not updating this blog sooner, but I AM going back to Uganda this summer!

I applied for a grant through my school (the University of Dayton) called the Learn, Lead and Serve award. I had to write a project proposal and have a faculty mentor. I found out back in March that I received this grant as well as an international Learn, Lead and Serve award! So, I will be working in Mbale, Uganda again with CRO (Child Restoration Outreach). I will also be staying with Esther again which I am very excited about! This grant pays for my transportation there, my transportation within Uganda, and my living expenses! I am so grateful for this grant because I know that it is a complete blessing to be able to return to Uganda so quickly!

The other exciting part of this upcoming adventure is that I have a partner in crime! One of my best friends from UD, Erin Bole, will be travelling with me! She did not apply for the same grant I did, but has received funding from her church, some family and a few other sources. She will be staying with me at Esther's and will also be volunteering at CRO. Once we are there, we will meet with the directors and talk about what exactly we will be doing this summer. When we know that, I will update the blog.

Well, it's back to packing for me...

PS- Things I'm looking forward to: seeing Fr. Simon Peter again, spending time with the kids at CRO again, visiting some of the older CRO boys at their colleges/universities, seeing the SIT staff again, seeing a few of the other SIT students who will also be back in Uganda this summer, using lanterns again, eating dinner with Esther and breathing in the fresh air of Mbale :)


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