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Friday, December 29, 2006


Hey folks!

This is just a really quick email to let you know that the time with my parents has been fun and I will definitely update when I get home- there's just not enough time right now. We're back in Kampala now and we leave tonight at 11:00pm from Entebbe... we'll be home on the 30th around noon I think.

For all those in the Chicago area- you're invited to my house on the 1st for an open house... noon til whenenver I think... Things to look forward to if you come: me and my parents in traditional African clothing (yipee!), me doing a traditional Baganda dance for you all and many many many stories to be shared... you should come!

Hope all is well with all of you and that your holidays have been filled with good times! :) See you soon...

PS- Despite the happiness that fills this entry, I must let you know that I have COMPLETELY mixed feelings about coming home and at this point would definitely be okay with staying in Uganda for a while longer... but I have a plane to catch tonight, so I'll be home soon and I'm sure I'll adjust eventually! :)

Going to try to add some pictures... hopefully this works:

the welcoming crew the night my parents arrived
L-R: Harriet, George, Simon, me, my mum, my pops and Fr. Simon Peter

my mum on a boda boda :)


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