Molly in Africa

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Restorative Powers of Nkhata Bay

I've been a little stir-crazy here the past few weeks... feeling bored with my housemates (you try living with a small number of people who are supposed to fill all the roles of housemate, friends, venting partners, people to challenge you, etc without many people outside of that groups and see how hard it is!), bored with myself (I have the same routine so have felt like I just don't have that many interesting things to say) and bored with Karonga (it's just hot- who could be excited about that for long periods of time?).  All of this happened to coincide with Emily and Sarah's last weekend in Malawi (they just left today and I already know I'm going to miss them a ton), for which they requested all of us to join them at one of their favorite Malawian spots- Nkhata Bay.

The weekend was a BLAST... exactly what I needed to feel refreshed and happy. :)  It usually takes about 6 hours to get there by public transport (you have to switch minibuses in Mzuzu), so we took the day off of work on Friday and made our way to Nkhata Bay.  My favorite part about the whole weekend was that we basically never had an agenda.  That meant that we had the chance to take things slow- stopping to look in shops, chat with people (strangers, old students, friends we've made before in Nkhata Bay, etc),  buy some crafts and art work and taste new foods.  Nothing was rushed- we woke up when we wanted to or when the sun came streaming in the window that was right on the bay.  We didn't all stay in the same hotel which meant that I had a good length walk to get over to the group each day and could leave when I wanted.  

Highlights of the weekend included: getting such a beautiful room with a view, getting the song "Low" dedicated to me twice (mose i mose by my 2 favorite DJs-- Sarah and Emily), buying a hammock (looking forward to putting that up... maybe this afternoon!), eating a bean milk shake (yes, you did read that right!), walking so much, having a really nice breakfast with Matt, Sarah and Emily on the last morning and getting a ridiculously sweet ride home (for free! with air conditioning! and good conversation!!!)!

Now it's back to the work week for me.  I'm spending the week driving for home visitation, which stresses me out to no end.  Yesterday I had to just keep reminding myself of how peaceful and happy I had been all weekend.  Today, the driving was much better (mostly town roads... not village roads) but I know tomorrow will be tough again.

Look for another update in a couple weeks... happy November... and happy birthday Stephie! :)