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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Importance of Being Popular

I thought I would share this little nugget of information that my student just told me...

Apparently, it's important to be popular so that when you die there will be a lot of people who contribute to your funeral and everyone will have full bellies.

I didn't expect that to be the end of the sentence either. :)

Life in Karonga continues to carry on.  It's the hot season meaning it's over 110 degrees everyday.  We had a workshop last week for new women's business groups and that went really well.  They received their first loans this week, which was very exciting!  I'm talking to my first year students about Marianists now and that's a fun and interesting topic for me so I'm enjoying that.  The girls' football team continues to meet twice a week and while they're no where near amazing, they do make small improvements every time... and they have a lot of fun, which is the whole point!  I was sick last week- vomiting, fever, etc... it sucked, but my housemates took care of me and I'm fully recovered now, so that's good.

That's all from here for now... thanks for reading!


At 11:18 PM, October 21, 2009, Anonymous Margaret said...

Molly, Scrolling through all this wonderful blog-beautiful prose, I miss you! Thanks for sharing your life with so many so well - on both sides of the ocean!

At 7:15 PM, October 22, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Molly,

I haven't kept in touch, but I've kept you in mind.
The end of that student's sentence says a lot.

Love and prayers,

At 11:03 PM, October 25, 2009, Anonymous Mike said...

Hi Molly!

Nice to know things are going well (now -- after getting sick) :)

I was just wondering if your program has a microcredit program, b/c you mentioned in your post about women in a business group receiving their first loan. I was just wondering, if you do have one, how it's going along and it's structure. I find the topic very interesting.

Warm regards,


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