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Thursday, August 31, 2006


I made it through the first twenty four hours and they were probably the worst. I was very nervous when I was left at the hotel on Tuesday night and actually cried myself to sleep thinking that I was ready for this adventure to be over- I should just fly home. But, as I expected, now that the rest of the students in my program have arrived, I feel much much better about this whole thing. I haven't had a lot of time to meet them yet, but those that I've talked to seem cool.

The plan for the week is that we stay at this hotel (where we have roommates) until Sunday and then on Sunday we begin our homestay experience, which means we all spread out around Kampala. We will start classes on Monday and will have two weeks of classes before we go on our first educational excursion. The class schedule will be 9-1 and 2-4 each day with that one hour break for lunch. I'll be taking a mini-bus taxi to and from school each day by myself, so I will definitley let you all know how that goes.
I will be trying my first Ugandan food today for lunch... and I'm a little nervous. My stomach has been on edge for the past week because of nerves so I've been trying to be really nice to it but I have no idea what this food will do to me. So far, I've eaten mostly American food and to be honest, I've loved that small sense of familiarity that a BLT can offer. :)
I just got told I have two minutes left online, so I'll finish this up...

the only big thing I know, is: THE ADDRESS I WAS GIVEN IS INCORRECT! SIT moved two days ago, so they will arrange for things that have already been sent to be transfered over to their new office, but please do not send anything now- wait until I can give you the right address!


At 9:02 AM, August 31, 2006, Anonymous Janet said...

Hi Molly,

You made it through the first challenge - way to go!!! Onward and upward!

I would imagine that your SIT peers would be pretty cool - that will certainly add to the awesomeness of this experience.

Good luck with the foods. It sounds right to "baby" your stomach at first.

The next 2 weeks sound intense and interesting, but I am particularly interested in hearing about the homestay. I can imagine you being well-nurtured and loved in your Ugandan family. It will be incredible for both of you!

Admiring your courage.


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